Thursday, 30 May 2013

Whoever said that ignorance is bliss is a liar

I backed my Yaris into a fence last night. Needless to say a solid stream of colourful words followed. I'm hoping the handy-woman in me can patch up the missing red paint. Either that or I'll opt for the sander and go for the farmhouse rustic-hipster look. Little Red could pull it off. Just saying.

I had made an assumption when I shifted into reverse - that I'd parked the way I always do: nice and straight. Unfortunately on this particular occasion, the previous night I'd arrived home with company and had been distracted in my parking. So, foot on the accelerator, I gunned it up the driveway- crooked. It was a beautiful display of ignorance. Now I get to be one of "those" drivers who you avoid in a parking lot because their scratched up car says that they care about as much for your car as they do their own.

If worst comes to worst, I can always give this a shot:
© Bokja Bug
But it was my ignorance that got me thinking. There is a particular blindness, a disconnectedness from the truth today. I wasn't around pre-1980's so I cannot tell you if it's a new thing, but I know it's around now 'cause I witness it all the time over social media. Don't get me wrong, I myself am a reformed pharisee - I lived for many years pig-headedly stubborn about the infallibility of my own truth and what I thought to be the truth of the Church. A bit of Scott Hahn, a keen dedication to the daily readings, and a few Divine Mercy Chaplets later and you see me today - questions answered with new questions, yet somehow wiser. I remember where I came from and it makes me wonder how many others have driven or are driving just as I did. How many "Catholics" vote for pro-choice candidates? How many people continue to propogate that the Church hates homosexuals? How many Australians believe that all priests are pedophiles? And how many of them actually looked up the catechism to find the Church's important stance on right to life or have encountered homosexual-hating Christians or even personally know a priest? Yet they violently defend their own truth.

Jesus said that the gate is narrow. Don't carve up the fence like I did. Enter through the narrow gate and find out what the Church teaches. Check in next week for the beginning of some lie-shattering truth as told by the Catholic Church.

God bless,


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